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The systematically arranged collection of nearly 25.000 different Harmonicas from all over the world is represented in every respect, having high cultural and historic value. Ingenuity and adaption of current trends created models like the 'Zeppelin' and 'Banana' Harmonica. No other industrial product reflects the spirit and the history of the time as clearly as the Harmonica.


A permanent display of 500 square metres also shows a large variety of Piano and Diatonic Accordions as well as the history of these instruments.


In addition to the technique and construction of the instruments, the history of the cultural development is demonstrated, since orchestras, publishing companies and associations were initiated in Trossingen.

The museum tour ends at the attractive multi-media room, where movies and documentaries, featuring the Harmonica are shown, where lectures are also given and other events take place.



Deutsches Harmonikamuseum

Hohnerstraße 4/1

78647 Trossingen



Phone: +497425-21623

Telefax: +497425-8289


Opening times


Tuesday to Friday, Sundays and on holidays:

1.30 - 5.00 pm

except 24.12., 25.12. und 31.12.


With previous enrolment a guided tour is always possible.

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5,- €

4,- €

10,- €

Guided tours

1 - 9 persons

10 - 25 persons

26 or more persons

Flat fee of 80,- €

40,- € flat fee + 4,- € per participant

60,- € flat fee + 4,- € per participant