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"The History of the Harmonica -

The German Harmonica & Accordion Museum"


a DVD with 108 minutes of film including 108 minutes of bonus films

which were not published yet


15,00 €


HHäffner, Martin; Wenzel, Haik:

"Hohner - The Living Legend"

shows the development and path of the instruments from Trossingen and the history of the firm's founding father, Matthias Hohner. It shows above all the instruments themselves, lovingly presented and photographed in detail, free reed instruments from the entire history of the firm down to the present day can be seen. These unique photographs are complemented by a fascinating series of images of the current harmonica production at Hohner.


48,00 € (will be sent post-free by the Museum within Europe.)

Häffner, Martin; Wenzel, Haik; Petra Schramböhmer; Anselm Rössler:

History unfolds!“


100 years of Hohner Accordions in pictures,

big size coffeetable book with lots of pictures.


50,00 €

Häffner, Martin:

„On the Tracks of the Company's Founder Matthias Hohner and his sons“


City Guide with map and pictures.


4,00 €

Häffner, Martin; Lindenmüller, Lars:

„Harmonica Makers of Germany andAustria,

History and trademarks of Hohner and their many competitors“


25,00 €

Häffner, Martin; Schwartz, Anna K.:

„The Harmonica in Popular Music“


5,00 €