Not so long ago, the harmonica was on everyone's lips. In the mid-1920s, German manufacturers exported 50 million units all over the world. In addition, hundreds of thousands of accordions have been exported. Even for the lifestyle of the 1950s harmonica sounds were quite typical. From tango, blues, musette and many other musical styles, they have become indispensable to this day. Harmonica and accordion are rightly considered to be the most popular musical instruments of the industrial age.

The German Harmonica and Accordion Museum has a worldwide unique collection on this musical theme and the associated economic, social and cultural history.

To be able to present the state-owned Hohner collection outside Trossingen, we have been offering the traveling exhibition "In aller Munde" since September 2000.

It covers a footprint of approx. 150 m², includes various topics and can be extended as desired.


Are you interested?
Here you find the prices and conditions for hiring the traveling exhibition.

Key data

- Area of approx. 150m²
- Organized transport, set up and dismantling
- Introductory presentation on opening day
- Press text
- Colored posters and invitations to impress
- Souvenirs for sale
- Mediation of framework program
(film, concerts, workshops, guided tours).



Deutsches Harmonikamuseum
Hohnerstraße 4/1
78647 Trossingen
Tel.: (07425) 21623
Fax.: (07425) 8289


Basic Rates

Exhibition including set up and dismantling

- 1 week: 750€
- monthly fee: 1500€
-transport by truck (7,5t) and
overnight stay (if necessary):
at cost price
- souvenirs and posters are available
at a reasonable price