For more than 100 years the Hohner Company collected all manner of items it regarded as important for the industry. These many items form a unique collection spanning more than 25,000 harmonica instruments, sales catalogues and documents of all types. The collection was purchased by the State of Baden Wuerttemberg in 1987 and serves as the repository for the German Harmonica and Accordion Museum which opened in 1991.

This museum, with its focus on the cultural history of the instruments, developed steadily and was able to make a great leap forward in April 2016 when the redesigned and extended Harmonica Museum reopened at a new location in Building V of the Hohner Company Site – its authentic home.

On the exact spot where once millions upon millions of harmonica instruments were produced, visitors can relive the exciting history of this industry in a viewing area of more than 800 square metres.

The new museum is completely barrier free and caters for many interests:

  • By means of the eclectic multimedia permanent exhibition with its music and film stations and all manner of superlatives, such as the largest playable button accordion in the world.
  • With German and English exhibition texts.
  • With its own children’s section in the permanent exhibition which can be explored in an exciting puzzle game.
  • By means of the large exhibit store containing many hundreds of additional instruments to be marvelled at.
  • The foyer and the event zone round off the pleasant visitor experience:
    • Special exhibitions are held regularly in this area, as well as interesting musical or other special events.
    • Last but not least, the well-stocked museum shop is always worth a visit, as are the music stations. For groups, coffee can also be served here by prior appointment.
    • ausprobiert werden. Gruppen können hier - nach Anmeldung - sogar eine Kaffeebewirtung genießen.

Our motto is: professionals and amateurs from far and near should all be able to enjoy their visit in equal measure. Delighted visitors often confirm that the German Harmonica and Accordion Museum in Trossingen is truly worth the visit.


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