Calendar sheet February 2021

“Hurray - a Hohner!” Advertising postcard, 1938/39

Using the collage technique, an advertising postcard was created for both the accordion and the harmonica. The photo of the two young women can also be found on the cover of the Hohner accordion catalog from 1939. The "models" are well known: The dark-haired woman is Maria Hauser, an employee of the Hohner advertising department. The blonde, her name has not been passed down, was a student at the Hohner Conservatory. The two did not receive a fee at the time, but they did receive a day off on which the advertising photos were taken on Lake Constance. The photographer was none other than the studio manager of the Hohner company, the artist Arthur Hauptmann.

The enthusiastic boy with the harmonica came from Trossingen. His father was - almost naturally - an employee of the Hohner company.