Calendar sheet February 2019

Koch advertising brand "Chinese", made by "Sigmund Spear, Kunstanstalt Nürnberg."

until the beginning of 1929 (purchase by Hohner), the Trossinger And's Koch AG was  the only major rival of the company Matth. Hohner. The advertising motif "Chinese" documents Koch's worldwide claim.

This company extended its range from 1903 to the production of accordions.

The exotic-looking image motif was used around 1914 as a catalog title image. In fact, the advertising brand could actually have been created first. An indicator is the printed slogan "Es giebt keinen besseren!" with its ancient spelling "giebt" (In the course of the standardization of the German orthography 1901/02 also this "strain-e" was abolished and lost in the following time.)

Further information (in German) about the advertising stamps can be found on the page Marketing en miniature.